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Pokemon Go Items: The Full List


This is your main item for catching the Pokemon, from Squirtl to Pikachu. If you run out of pokeballs, you can’t catch anything. Fortunately, they are very common to get from the Pokestops. They are available from the shop in batches of 20, 100 and 200 (priced at 100, 460 and 800 Pokecoins respectively).

Great balls

Not everyone gets great balls – at least not until level 12. They are an improved version of pokeballs and your odds of capturing a Pokemon with one of these is greater than with the standard pokeball.

Ultra balls

Rumor has it these are available at level 20. Ultra balls are just another step up.

Master balls

These master balls have a 100 percent capture rate and never fail. They have not been seen in the game since the beta testing and hopefully will show up again. Like in the original video game, these are best saved for legendary Pokemon like Mewtwo.

Lucky Eggs

If you have used up a lucky egg, you will get double the experience points for everything you do for a half an hour.

Pokemon eggs

Pokemon eggs are different than lucky eggs. You have to incubate them until they hatch. These are found at Pokestops and use the distance you have walked as a measure of when to hatch.

When it hatches, out pops a brand new Pokemon for you. The greater the distance required to hatch, the rarer you can expect the Pokemon inside to be.


Potions will restore the health of your Pokemon after battles. These are unlocked when you get to level five when they introduce gym battles.

Super potions

Super potions are more effective than regular potions and will be available at level 10.

Hyper potions

If you have reached level 15, you  will have encountered so many battles that unlocking the hyper potion will be a great relief to you and your Pokemon. The best healer, these highly restorative hyper potions are essential if you are regularly attacking other teams’ gyms.

Max Potions

At level 25, it have been discovered that Max Potion is released. Max Potion will fully restore your Pokemon’s health. Yippee!

Lure modules

Lure modules can be attached to Pokestops, in order to lure Pokemon to that location. One player drops the lure module, but it then works for all players though only for 30 minutes.

You can spot a Pokestop that has a lure module by looking for the shower of petals surrounding it on your map screen. You can’t miss it. You can sometimes get them as a reward for leveling up, but they can otherwise be bought at the shop for 100 Pokecoins.


Pokemon really loves incense. If you use incense in the game, you’ll become a magnet for Pokemon. However this will only last for 30 minutes. These are available at the shop for 80 Pokecoins each (500 Pokecoins for eight; 1,250 for 25).

Razz berries

Razz berries will become your friend very quickly. They help make it easier to catch Pokemon, when you give the razz berry to the one you’re targeting. Available to you at Pokestops from level eight and up and they also come as a prize for leveling up more often than not.

Egg incubator

You get one of these to start off with and can buy more for 150 Pokecoins at a time. These allow you to move a Pokemon egg closer to hatching.

You can carry nine Pokemon eggs at a time, but you begin your game with only one incubator.


A niche of absolutely die-hard Pokemon fans will fondly remember the old video game Pokemon Snap! and the camera allows you to relive those late-nineties days.

It’s a neat feature that saves you having to screenshot that rare Pokemon you just stumbled across. Just select the camera from your bag and once you’ve targeted a wild Pokemon from your map screen then snap,snap away.


If your Pokemon’s health falls to zero during a battle, that means it’s fainted and you will need a revive to put it back on it’s feet or paws.

This is available together with potions from level five when you start gym battles. It is worth remembering that fighting at your own team’s gyms won’t result in fainting because they are only training bouts. However, it doesn’t fully recover your fallen Pokemon’s health.

Max revive

Now these will fully recover your Pokemon’s health. Nobody seems to know when you can unlock them, however you will find them at Pokestops but they won’t show up often.

A fainted Pokemon will be have full health restoration if you feed it a max revive. Useful stuff for sure.

Bag (upgrade)

You can carry 350 to begin with, and have to purchase extra in quantities of 50 after that at a cost of 200 Pokecoins.

Pokemon storage upgrade

After you’ve been playing the game a while, you will have accumulated many Pokemon friends. You can keep transferring surplus monsters to the ever-looming Professor, but you’ll only get one candy for each one. If you’ve hit the limit of how many you’re allowed to hang onto, you can purchase space for an extra 50 monsters for 200 Pokecoins.

We have listed all the Pokemon items that we know of at this point. Check back later for more.

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