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Getting Started Playing Pokemon Go

The first step is to download the Pokémon GO app from the app store on your phone. Next step is to install the game app.  After it has finished installing, launch the application.

You will be welcomed to the game by Saul the Pokémon master. He show you how to create your account and will teach you how to catch the Pokémon with the  Poké Balls.

You will first need to create an avatar. You will be able to design the avatar with your choice of skin, hair and eye colors. Next select the clothes you want your avatar to wear.

After you create the avatar, it will show up on the screen at your current location.

Next, you will be guided through the steps to take in order to catch your first Pokémon. Catching the first one is very easy and will be near your starting location. Once you see the Pokémon, you just throw one of your two empty Poké Balls to catch it.

The first Pokémon catch will officially start the game. You will then get an option to name your avatar.

Here is a great Youtube video, one of the best we have found that explains how to get started and play the game.

Now it’s time to start walking…


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